MIUI Australia closing

Feb 20, 2013


  • Due to many factors, both Dan and myself have decided that we are no longer going to be developing MIUI/Xiaomi devices. So unfortunate as it is, that’s gonna be all from MIUI Australia.
  • I understand if your not happy with our decision, but at the end of the day, we are doing what is best for us. Simple as that.
  • So I would like to thank everyone who has been involved, past and present. Talbess, Fllash, Nana, MarkHUK, iBot, Pele, midian666/Kalashnikitty, XJ, Marange, M1Cha, dekkyy, fusionjack, and everyone else I’ve worked with in MIUI circles from time to time. Also drewis, Sandvold, dk-zero_cool, for their help with getting MIUI v4 up and running on the Desire, and anyone else I’ve forgotten.
  • I would also like to note that dekkyy and fusionjack will not be stopping their work, and will return to respective threads at XDA/MIUIAndroid, and have my full support and open invitation to ask me if they ever need help.
  • CosmicDan: “MIUI5 will not be developed for Xperia 2011 range. It was more of a hobby than anything, now my heart just isn’t in it any more. Sad to say it, but I bid farewell to the Xperia 2011 range”
“Err…. It was fun while it lasted, but all good things come to an end.” – CosmicDan, 2013
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Script Gatekeeper
Oct 31, 2011
No one said it was easy with what we do. Its really hard when you have a small team trying to do a lot. Which is probably what plagued them. Lenny's not gonna leave this easily :)

He'll hang around, not sure about Dan.

What separates us is the more amount of staff we have, and we all have our own task.
  • MarkHUK - Translations daily, builds the weekly English ROM via our scripts, hosts ROMs
  • iBotPeaches - Script Gatekeeper, Apktool
  • ingbrzy - Manages all the multi-lang REPOs, builds weekly Multi Lang. (not an easy task), also translator
  • Acid - Script Updater, Translator of Polish, finds all the tweaks / fixes for the ROM
  • Pele - literally nothing. just forum management.
  • Lenny - Hints and tips about hacks (4 way reboot, etc)
  • Magnetium - Hosting of ROMs
  • Celo - Hosting of ROMs
  • Caro - Hosting of ROMs
  • Goo - Mirror of (4 mirrors)