MIUI for POMP C6 ? Or for POMP W88 ??

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  1. Hi there. Iam a owner of a Pomp C6. And is this right, that there are in the moment NO POMP devices supported ? Can you Support the Pomp C6 ? Because the Pomp C6 is a very great Smartphone ! It have lots of Power ! But the Stock Rom is wasting it :(.....Please help ^^

    And sorry for my bad english :)
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    We made it ! We have ported MIUI to our Smartphone Pomp C6. We are just 5 BetatesterĀ“s. Not much Bugs. Very stable !

    Bugs :

    1. Backmicrophone does not work ( working on that )
    2. Frontcam does not work ( Fixed tomorrow )
    3. Sound does not work ( Fixed tomorrow )
    4. Switching from camerapp directly to Galery and try to play the recorded video ends in a error "Cannot play video" ( working on that )
    5. Homebutton does not work ( working on that )
    6. ( We try to find more Bugs ! )

    Its a very stable Version of MIUI !

    Thanks to helloansuman and dutchkarma ! They was working very hard to port it !

    More information comming tomorrow !

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