Samsung MIUI GB or MIUI V4 ?

Discussion in 'Other Devices' started by mikkis2k, Jun 24, 2012.

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    Hi, its been a while since ive had a good phone.. I had MIUI on my SGSII, but it was crappy back then.. i mean .. low volume on headphones, reseption dropping out and in.

    I love to theme and i liked the "extended settings idea" where i can have my clock in the middle, and carrier logo on the left side. I heard this might not be possible atm on V4?

    How stable is V4 against latest GB version?

    hows the battery life?

    Im on stock ICS 4.0.3 with Nova launcher atm, is it worth flashing any of these? or should i say on stock:p?

    sorry for the crappy english, and for this many questions.. hope i can get some good feedback :)
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    Miui 2.3.9 is the latest GB rom and it's pretty sweet. No bugs whatsoever and nice performance and customization. :)

    I'm on Miui v4 since it was released, and it's getting better every week. There are bugs and issues, but overall it is pretty good for daily use.
    There are complaints about batterylife, but my girlfriends SGS2 performs just as good(or worse), and that's with Sammy's UI.

    Conclusion: GB is good, v4 will get better and better. Root your SGS2, flash Miui v4, and if it doesn't work out just use GB. ;)
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    ty for a good reply:) is there "extended settings" for this 2.3.9?
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    The Miui 2.3.9 is the latest GB rom and it's very good to use. There is no bugs and it's performance and customization is nice.

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