(MIUI GB/v4 Theme) Vapor Ice complete mtz (Spectrum Series) [5/21/12]

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  1. R3D X

    R3D X Members

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    Here it is Vapor Ice is complete! Here is a revolutionary ICS flavored theme featuring the new icons pack I'm working on will cover all platforms in the future!

    Vapor Ice MIUI gb v1.0
    Vapor Ice MIUI v4 (coming soon)
    Vapor Ice Theme Chooser (work in progress)

    Analog Clock (also in mtz!)

    WhiteBoy997 - letting borrow some elements :3
    Dorilife - always helping me out and testing ;) + used screens
    bswaan - my dude helped me test
    jumpman707 - tesing + screens
    Simbo_ - testing
    And anyone else I missed!

    -Vapor Ice for MIUI v4
    -Vapor Ice icons for adw/lpp and go launcher
    -LunarUi CM9 Optimized
    -Vapor Ice CM9 Theme


    Hey guys this is just a quick project I started at the beginning of my break. Some new icons for some new fun. In the download is a zip with the icons in 512x512 pngs. I only included 5 in there cause I'm still working on some. There is the matching wallpaper inside. There is also a psd. If you make an icon please share it. I would like if you used the same layer styles included in the psd. (Right click layer > copy layer style)

    KEEP COLOR CODE: 00bcff
    please abstain from making the blue parts like 3d and stuff

    Let's get some icons done so we can have a complete vapor ice ui!

    current icons folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/df4ckddmr76ukdu/daN_vQQprv
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  2. iBotPeaches

    iBotPeaches Script Gatekeeper Staff Member

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    Very nice theme. Keep the MIUI v4 version private and enter it in the contest. You might win a car :p
  3. bartoloandre98

    bartoloandre98 Members

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    But of you do it public you win our love=D <3

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  4. iBotPeaches

    iBotPeaches Script Gatekeeper Staff Member

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    I'm sure he'll do it public, the theme competition ends in about 2 and half weeks. So just submit it there when its done, then once the contest submission ends, make it public. I just was saying private to prevent people from taking your theme and submitting it as a entry.
  5. R3D X

    R3D X Members

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    Thanks for liking it, Idk if I should do the theme contest. I didn't know about it and it will be hard to get visibility in such a short time. And there's alot of worthy dezigns in there :3
  6. iBotPeaches

    iBotPeaches Script Gatekeeper Staff Member

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    Theres 100 3rd place winners who win a phone :p

    I know if I was good at designing I'd to it, and trust me your theme skills can compete.
  7. R3D X

    R3D X Members

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    Thanks man, if the admin says so I shall take his advice :) problem is a don't have an miui v4 enabled device (samsung captivate glide) so testing will be drag :p but I will do this. And do we have to include a lockscreen for this contest?
  8. iBotPeaches

    iBotPeaches Script Gatekeeper Staff Member

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    Yeah icons, the actualy theming for all standard MIUI apps and a lockscreen.
  9. MasterTB

    MasterTB Members

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    Let us know if you enter the contest. I would vote for this theme. Looks really good.
  10. Garethkungfu

    Garethkungfu Members

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    Really good Job on the theme looks awesome! i normally stick with the default theme because im a Flash-aholic but im seriously thinking about making this my default them, I LOVE!!!! the purple effect and ur designing skills are top notch please enter the competition id totally vote for you because all good artists deserve some love, Cant wait for the v4 theme please upload soon!
  11. doublecaffe

    doublecaffe Members

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    It would be perfect without the rainbow bar at the statusbar...
  12. brpqzme

    brpqzme Members

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    Nice! Any news on the ICS version? :)
  13. EboniLM

    EboniLM Members

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    uh...any updates on this? o_O
  14. R3D X

    R3D X Members

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    Hey guys I need a MIUI v4 tester with a hdpi phone. It seems my phone won't be getting the rom before the contest ends. I just screenshots and proofs that things work so I can submit it thanks. And thanks all for the feedback!
  15. Stephen Brace

    Stephen Brace Members

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    I'll give it a go, I'm running the latest miui ics on a galaxy s2 gt9100 :)
  16. TheJedi

    TheJedi Members

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    The theme is awesome, but can u plz tell me how to set the glow from purple (color i dont like at all) to the same powder blue of icons?
  17. aono

    aono Members

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    when will the v4 miui theme releases
  18. Vechlan

    Vechlan Members

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    MIUI more exciting because of you!

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