Samsung MIUI ICS For Galaxy S I9000

Discussion in 'Other Devices' started by zmalach, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. zmalach

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    Is there any stable MIUI ICS ROM for Galaxy S I9000?

    Please post your experience here
  2. Pele

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    At present there is no Official ICS Rom for MIUI. Hopefully that will change in the future.

  3. blackspawn

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    Like Pele said, no official version as of yet. However if you are felling adventurous there are several MIUI-ICS ports over at xda-dev (be carefull though because they most likely contain bugs since the ICS port is itself not yet complete... only after that we can hope to have an official MIUI v4 If I'm not mistaken...).Besides, most of these ports include their own modifications so it's not "stock" MIUI experience so to speak :)

    Here's a few links:
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  4. Raulinho

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  5. Vogie

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    Andy's ROM is the best.
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  6. zmalach

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    still loads of stuff not working...not for daily use tho
  7. batalburzir

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    AOKP with it's sliders is a but MIUI style, also got some themes, but for now, MIUI Gingerbread is more stable.

    Gesendet mit meinem SGS Mintberry Edition
  8. primerow

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    I'm using DrMiuiz ics rom v10-working almost flawlessly on my telus sgh-t959d-battery life is o.k.(2 days with light use) Semaphore 097 kernel, more than stable enough for everyday use!!!
  9. didou

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    Is it possible that next time, you seperate your rom and your mod?
  10. stevemcgee

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  11. zdfnihao

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    i agree too:)

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