New MIUI ICS: periodic "bug report"


Apr 29, 2012
Device: Nexus S
Version: MIUI ICS 2.6.29

My phone keeps logging these "bug reports" and want to send it off. This happens quite frequently and the "complete action using" menu pops up every time 1st photo).

I have attached the bug report (txt file) and the screenshot captured by the bug report (2nd photo).

While I am typing this up, it happened again. I have been using MIUI ICS for the past 4 days and so far I have over 30 bug reports (3rd photo). How do I turn it off?

complete action using menu.pngScreenshot_2012-06-30-19-46-17.pngwhy are there so many bug reports.png


  • bugreport-2012-06-30-19-46-17.txt
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