MIUI in Xiaomi Mi A2?

Jan 27, 2019
I see it very commonly people converting to Mi 6x to get MIUI, and it actually works

Some use stock 6x firmware while others use xiaomi.eu rom of 6x

But I see people bricking their devices all the time, Mi flash stuck flashing or failing to flash resulting in a bootloop and a fastboot that no longer works

OR triggering arb by either updating or flashing without deleting the files responsible for changing the arb value so they can no longer go back to A2, and edl will no longer work because it's a 6x now

So my question is, would it be possible for you to take your 6x rom, remove arb and make work with A2 elf files, so if you decide to use an A2 rom, you wouldn't have to go through this dangerous process

It would be awesome if you could do this but I'm just asking if it's possible