Miui Installaton Experience (November 2019)

Dan daman

Aug 15, 2018
Hi I just finished install Global MiUI ROM into my new MiPad 4. The whole process took me full day searching answers on Google. The forum ROM download site with few sentences instruction doesn't help much at all. So I write down some steps and hopefully newbies can enjoy MiPad in no time. If any of my tips are wrong, please do share it with me. Many thanks.

Install EU Miui ROM in MiPad 4 (PC Only, USB 2.0)

Initial Setup:
Finish pre-installed setup, connect Wifi and login Mi Account before proceed installation:

Access Granted in Settings:
  1. Open Settings and go to All Specs
  2. Tap few times on “Miui Version” until Developer option appears.
  3. Go to Additional Setting and Developer Option.
  4. Turn on Developer Options, USB Debugging
  5. Turn on OEM Unlocking and add Mi Account into it.
  6. Turn off Mi Pad.
Unlock Bootloader:
  1. Download Mi Unlock in Official Website.
  2. Right click Mi Unlock.exe and choose Open with Administrator.
  3. Connect MiPad to PC via USB 2.0 (3.0 cannot detect MiPad).
  4. Make sure driver is installed, check from upper right corner 3 dots in Mi Unlock software.
  5. Click Unlock and Yes to all warnings.
  6. Wait the status to complete Unlock process.
Install ADB and Fastboot:
  1. Download ADB and Fastboot installer and Install it.
  2. Answer all the questions by typing “Y”.
  3. Complete and exit the setup.
Install TWRP:
  1. Make sure download the TWRP is only design for MiPad 4: Clover MiUi 10.3.2.
  2. Rename the downloaded TWRP to twrp.img
  3. When MiPad is off, hold Volumn Down and Power botton simultaneously to boot into Fastboot.
  4. Connect to MiPad to PC while it is in Fastboot mode.
  5. In the same folder where TWRP is downloaded, press Shift+Right Click on blank space in the folder and select Open PowerShell window (or Command DOS window).
  6. In command window, type, fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
  7. Then, type, fastboot boot twrp.img
  8. TWRP is complete install into system and wait for it to show up.
  9. If TWRP Recovery mode is not appear, try shut down again and press Volume Up+Power button simultaneously.
  10. If TWRP is not show up, instead of Mi Recovery setup, repeat Step 5-6.
Root and Install ROM:
  1. On TWRP screen, tap “Keep Read only” until it comes to main menu.
  2. Download “Disable-Force-Encryption-Treble.zip” (DFET) and MiUi MiPad4 EU ROM from PC.
  3. Connect MiPad onto PC and it should display the storage drive.
  4. Move DFET and ROM into MiPad root folder.
  5. On TWRP menu select Wipe and format all data.
  6. Then Go back to main menu and select Install to choose Miui ROM.
  7. After finish installation, reboot the system.
  8. In case the system shown warning stated No OS Installed, continue tap Reboot System.
  9. MiPad loop into logo screen, power it off immediately.
  10. Hold Volumn Up+Power button simultaneously to enter TWRP again.
  11. Go to Wipe and Format Data, and after complete, the whole MiPad is left only TWRP folder.
  12. Connect onto PC again and move the downloaded ROM into storage drive root folder.
  13. Go to Install and select the ROM to do it over again.
  14. Wait for the installation complete and the “No OS installed” should be gone.
  15. Reboot the system and wait for around 3 minutes for the new OS to boot up.


Sep 8, 2017
Thanks for your text, but in end effect you will have a device without any update cuz xiaomi has stopped the support. So please kindly give us some other custom ROMs with Android 10 chance....


Sep 8, 2018
A MIUI 11 Pie has just appeared... This will take time I think!

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Dec 22, 2019
Thanks mate, i bought for christmas a mipad 4 for my girlfriend. It come with boot loader unlock and what seems to be the 10.0 firmware from here (xiaomi.eu).
But just to be sure i decided to start with a clean state and to install a more up to date rom.
Your tutorial saved me a lot of time! In less than an hour the mi pad 4 is now running perfectly with miui 10.3.2.
So cheers and merry Christmas to you and to the xiaomi.eu team. ;)