Miui Lovers!!! **1 Thing you hate about Miui Rom that you would like fixed??**


Sep 3, 2011
I hate that when I want to use pattern to unlock my phone, first thing I have to do is sliding down the classic lockscreen and after this I can draw pattern to unlock device finally....realy annoying! I hope this to be fixed, it's only problem I have with MIUI.

Ya... that's really annoying...
What I think is there should be a time settings for phone lock. Like phone will be locked after 3 minutes OR 5 minutes AND not every-time screen goes off.


Sep 23, 2011
Wifi internet access behind (corporate) proxy with authentication

The iPhone has it enabled stock-standard! That's the worst part of this short-coming!!

It is a basic right ... How is this not yet enabled in Android driven MIUI, the leading Android mobile system?

If anyone can kindly explain why this wifi behind proxy with authentication is such an issue? On Google there is a thread on this topic that has been running for three years already!!!

Can the developers of MIUI fix this ??? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaasse !!!! ????



Apr 18, 2011
Disable of wallpaper scrolling built in rom (I don't like scrolling :p), because Sensation users has problems with Extended Settings mod, because the resolution of screen is 540x960 and launcer app in MOD is made for 480x800 and than are all widgets left arranged.

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Oct 3, 2011
@chrillefr, I used to think that way as well. MIUI intentionally made their OS put all your apps on pages, like the iPhone, which is not technically what Android was optimized for. If this is a huge thing with you, what I did is made a folder and put it between the app slots 2 and 3 on my dock, and I just put all my apps in there. It's not the same because you still can't have shortcuts (i.e. whatever's in your app drawer, it has to stay there...if you drag it onto a page, it's out of the folder and on the page), but it's a bit of a fix.
Nov 10, 2010
I hate how long it takes for the recently used apps to show after holding down the home button. On a lot of other ROMs this s**t is almost instant


Sep 24, 2011
Yeah, I think the wait is because it is loading the search (that only shows when you swipe to it)


Aug 18, 2011
1. People can barely hear me on phone calls, there are voice gaps in my voice and I sound "noisy", they say. I'm on SGS2, KI4 modem (tried many, same results)

2. Landscape mode for launcher, phone contacts.

Neka Posta

Feb 20, 2012
First, I'd like to ask thread author to keep a clean and checked list in the first post, separated for example to "Features still requested" and "Features added or otherwise solved".

Here is my list for MIUI 2.7.13 that I sent to MIUI as a feedback:

I have SGS2, which itself is a great user experience improvement from my previous HTC Desire, as much as Desire was technically superior to my older Nokia N95. MIUI seems to be another step forward, with all the improvements. I use English version from http://miuiandroid.com. There are still some features missing.

1. The option I'd like to have in MIUI is 5x5 ICONS on the screen plus of course 5 icons on the quick bar. Now in 2.7.13 there is Grid Layout Type but only 4x5 or 4x4. Also on http://miuiandroid.com/community/threads/5x5-icons-for-sgs2.15453/. I use QQ Launcher because of this.

2. There are now 11 icons in TOGGLES first screen, plus "More" button. Please add 4th row, so that 15 icons are visible, plus "More". Please add Auto Lock Screen on/off toggle, WiFi Tethering toggle, USB Tethering toggle.

3. Please make TOGGLES available with the press on Power button when we are on the home screen or at least an option to choose it. It's fine to have the "Phone Options" menu with "Flight Mode", "Silent", "Reboot", "Power Off" when we are on the lock screen. It seems though that some people just request the opposite...

4. It's fine to have Notifications opened first, if there are some, instead of Toggles, with upper bar slide down. But, if we turn on System or Custom power saving mode, it will be there all the time, and we'll always get Notifications with upper bar slide down. If you make Toggles available with the press on Power button, it doesn't matter, otherwise it's annoying.

5. MIUI Music should read playlists such as M3U, which is important. It's not clear which playlists it supports now. Also at http://miuiandroid.com/community/threads/miui-playlist-support.15609/ and http://miuiandroid.com/community/threads/miui-music-doesnt-detect-playlist.4536/.

6. MIUI Music has lyrics support, which is great. But, I get "Lyrics not found" for most of my songs (I haven't tried all, but I've never had a match). Please add an option to change lyrics provider. Please keep in mind that there are us from outside.

7. I can find "Encrypt Phone" in Security & Privacy. But, it doesn't seem to offer SD card ENCRYPTION. It should be offered separately from the phone encryption.

8. When I open File Explorer, there is SD CARD tab (apart from BROWSE and FTP), which is fine. But, SGS2 has External SD at /mnt/sdcard/external_sd. Can you please add 4th tab EXTERNAL SD?


Apr 16, 2012
I admit I didn't read 22 pages.
But I hate that there's no auto split for SMS with <160 characters.

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Aug 6, 2012
(Repeating from http://miuiandroid.com/community/threads/miui-wish-list.11045/page-3#post-132901...)

I have a very short time with Android, almost month and a half. I bought a Motorola Atrix, and I have already rooted and tried CM7 and 9, but finally I got stucked with MIUI. It's awesome. Should be the default interface for all Android. But is annoying for me that MIUI doesn't have support for the fingerprint reader on my phone, I don't know where to claim for it to Xiaomi or those who develop MIUI. I use a rom developed by a guy called Th3Bill, but seems he doesn't know either how to do that.

Despite of that, I have some other suggestions for MIUI general use. I have seen some of them right there.
  • An option for changing current track playing from the screen lock by long-pressing volume keys, like CM7-CM9 does;
  • Or an option for doing the same with hand gestures, like TTPod does;
  • Auto-play music when connecting earphones, like in CM9;
  • Setting the alarm clock tone in System settings rather in the clock app;
  • An option to say 'Snooze' or 'Dismiss' when phone is ringing because of a clock alarm placing the hand over it (using the proximity sensor), like 'Magic Alarm' does;
  • Auto-locking when the proximity sensor detects the phone is into a pocket;
  • An option for sorting alphabetically icons in launcher and folders;
  • An option for removing/hiding dock;
  • Loop on home screens;
  • Customize LED notification colors;
  • Gestures on home screen;
  • Set SMS and notifications volume *apart* from ringtone volume;
  • Landscape mode in home screen...
Maybe also it will be great if MIUI or Xiaomi give a place for 'Brainstorming'.


Aug 24, 2012

Sorting apps alphabetically.

That, or the occasional stutter in the Gallery. Otherwise it's pretty solid. :)


Jul 28, 2012
I realy hate that carrirer name on status bar.
And i like to have shortcuts on MIUI home like other roms to make fast access icons for settings and other things.
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Nov 5, 2011
I wonder who will look at this. My request would be to improve the launcher. I miss swipeable dock items and being able to keep swiping the home screens in circles and I find that lanscape mode looks also cool.



Sep 1, 2012
Don't flame me if this has already been mentioned...

But the shake-to-skip-songs is waaaay to sensitive! Even on the lowest settings, I can be walking with my phone in my pocket, and the song will skip! Not very useful :/

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Aug 31, 2012
There are only three things that I really hate about the MIUI ROM:

1. The lack of App Drawer! Because of this, I always use other launchers.
2. Lack of an official high quality Dark theme. (Please!!!)
3. Ringtone delay. Since MIUI 2.3, there was always a 2~3 second delay before the ringtone starts playing. Very weird.

Other than these, MIUI is the best.

Elite Guardian

Sep 8, 2012
1. Lack of app drawer.
2. Extreme Lock screen lag.
3. A little bit of stuttering here and there sometimes.

But once these issues go away, will be great.


Mar 20, 2012
Fak that appdrawer. Ever since I used Miui I never missed that one. :p

What I hate? Nothing. Allright, it doesn't always feel as fast as it should be. ;)


Aug 23, 2012
When you add a widget, the current design prevents differentiate different widgets of an application to not display the full description ...

An alternative method for taking screenshots when you're in full screen. Power + Home and Power + Vol - seem not to work.


Andy Thomson

Staff Developer
May 10, 2011
When you add a widget, the current design prevents differentiate different widgets of an application to not display the full description ...

An alternative method for taking screenshots when you're in full screen. Power + Home and Power + Vol - seem not to work.


Just pull down the notification bar and hit the screenshot toggle..