Miui Memory manager & battery life

Nov 9, 2014
I don't know if it's my settings or miui,
but I think that MIUI close all app in background, even if I don't use battery profile in security settings and I give all perms to the apps, like Twitter, facebook, linkedIn Gmail. Someone know how MIUI manage his memory ? Because I read that on Android if you want to have more battery you need to don't close app, because the system 'freeze' the app when it's in background and when you open it again the system 'unfreeze' the memory and this it's faster and more saver than you kill app and open it again. Because when you open it you use more CPU then more power so less battery.
I use know CM12, because i get notifications and i have more battery.
Normal use ( push notification, check phone every 40 minutes around)
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