MIUI Mods (1.2.11) - Disable wallpaper scroll, lockscreen, etc.



These are for 1.2.11 ONLY all flashable through recovery

Disable wallpaper scroll: http://bit.ly/fgGoD2
Enable wallpaper scroll: http://bit.ly/fXEqK5

30 second lockscreen timeout: http://bit.ly/gCzltT
Revert to original lockscreen: http://bit.ly/fVhvR8

These are for the HTC Evo, so please make a nandroid if you plan on trying it on a different phone. I have no way of knowing if they will work on other devices.

Hide notification bar icons
Original unmodified: http://bit.ly/hkx69x
Hide USB Debugging ONLY: http://bit.ly/f2lq1x
Hide USB Debugging AND Clock: http://bit.ly/fYQOWM
Hide USB Debugging AND Battery: http://bit.ly/ekVmgU
Hide USB Debugging AND Clock AND Battery: http://bit.ly/gibqWf