MIUI Music Mod

Daehan Kim

Jul 20, 2011

I've been annoying because of MIUI Music app's album art quality.

One thing i noticed is: Using manually picked album art won't decrease album art's quality.

But there's another problem. MIUI Music app's album art is stored at MIUI/music/album/[ArtistName]+[AlbumTitle].jpg

Note that filename contains artist name. i have many compilation albums(that includes many artists in same album) so i had to pick album art multiple times.

So i have modded that part, now this music app stores album art file without artist name.

Plus, I've disabled automatic album art downloading. it keeps downloading wrong messy art even i have turned off at settings.

Sorry for long-length engrish sentences, bottomline is:

* This mod removes artist name in album art file so you can pick album art just one time per album art
* This mod also removes automatic downloading album when playback.

How to pick album art manually:

1. Play song of album that you wants change album art.
2. Press menu button and touch Edit song information button.
3. You'll see 'Use saved album art' menu. use that one for pick album art.
4. Also you have to disable 'Use embedded album art' setting from app setting.