MIUI Officially Supports English!


Mar 18, 2011
Well, this may not come as news to some (remember when Mark showed us a preview of the new site layout a few days ago?) but for those who don't already know, you might be interested to learn that MIUI China is now officially supporting English on their website.

When going to the download page, they currently only provide a link to the Chinese version of MIUI, but below they list unofficial MIUI websites with English translations of the ROM. Without surprise, they list miuiandroid.com and MIUI Australia, as well as other translated versions for German, Italian, and Spanish.

So what does this mean for the future of MIUI? Version 1.4.22 is coming out within the next 24 hours, so I'm curious to see if an English version is included on MIUI's official website, or if Mark will continue providing translations here instead. Keep in mind when Mark told us a few weeks ago that he was accepted into MIUI's private beta program, so I'm starting to think he's helping make progress for natively supported English on their end. That would be amazing! Either way, this is a huge step for MIUI and I think everyone can be happy about this news.

To check out the new English site, go to http://en.miui.com/ :D


Dec 14, 2010
yes! this would be awesome putting it all in one :) zh-en support in one ROM?


Apr 10, 2011
The English site was launched and announced and threads already created here 2 weeks ago. Thanks for the reminder to those that may have missed!