MIUI One X - 2.5.14

Discussion in 'HTC One X' started by GU5TAF, May 14, 2012.

  1. GU5TAF

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    After hearing that MIUI will be releasing the ROM officially on Friday, me and Mark decided to give it a test run.

    Here are a bunch of screenshots so you know what to expect:
    MIUI - HTC One X - Screenshots - 11.png MIUI - HTC One X - Screenshots - 01.png MIUI - HTC One X - Screenshots - 06.png MIUI - HTC One X - Screenshots - 03.png MIUI - HTC One X - Screenshots - 05.png MIUI - HTC One X - Screenshots - 07.png MIUI - HTC One X - Screenshots - 08.png MIUI - HTC One X - Screenshots - 10.png
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  2. MarkHUK

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    Worth noting:

    - Not all elements are full hi-resolution yet. Expect this to happen over the coming weeks
    - Random phone freezes (We've reported this issue)
    - This will be the FIRST public test ROM, with that in mind, expect issues :)


  3. iBotPeaches

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    Is that SuperMarket (chinese one)?

    I could of sworn I removed that.
  4. raz

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    Can't wait for new bugs :D

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    Great news .. Thanks [​IMG]
  6. benjamin336

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    Thank you guys for your effort, it is appreciated :)
  7. Raadius

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    What about the AT&T version? Will we get MIUI on our Dual-core S4 Snapdragon?
  8. itsmehuey

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    this is sweeeeet. Hopefully it will be stable enough to be used as a daily.
  9. Entreri

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    Is this already based on the lastest Firmware by HTC (which is supposed to fix that screen flickering)?

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