Changelog MIUI ROM 2.10.12 Changelog

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Nov 6, 2010
  • Optimise current themes in the program selector icon
  • Optimise global search when using the current theme icons
  • Fix issues with insensitive touch screen, also optimise click operation accuracy
  • Fix some devices IMEI numbers can used to erase phone data (USSD Exploit)


  • Add T9 search can switch between "alphabet" and "phonetic" search modes
  • When hanging up call, fix in some cases will lead to FC errors
  • Fix CDMA operator display name does not change with the system language is modified
  • Fix in some cases, the missed call reminder ringtone will not stop alerting
  • Fix in some cases, call log list avatars do not refresh
  • Fix call answering interface and call interface shows overlapping in some cases
  • Fix in some cases, the caller interface leads to FC errors

  • Fix when restoring contacts backup, avatars display with problems

  • New, If you have not opened through the network SMS to open the SMS list prompts (10-09)
  • Optimise SMS expression types
  • Optimise searching SMS messages or bulk SMS will be merged into one result list
  • Fix issue with Phrases content not being hidden when English language is selected. Tab sliding right will lead to FC error
  • Fix when sending network SMS, send and receive status displays error issues
  • Fix when MMS is received, before message has been read, the notification will be repeatedly prompted
  • Fix received time for MMS in notification bar shows incorrect details
  • Fix HTC phones cannot send MMS message
  • Fix network SMS messages cannot be sent to foreign numbers
  • Fix problem with SIM card SMS contact names length
  • Set the maximum number of prompts for the first time SMS is used

[Lock screen, status bar and notification bar]
  • Optimisation of phone misuse system default

  • Fix adding a Widget to new screen, the display of the widget is not centered correctly
  • Fix in some cases, the dynamic effect of the free desktop widget does not show correctly
  • Fix Photo frame widget pictures cannot be replaced / edited
  • Optimise Taiwanese version, alter the camera anti-flicker (banding) frequency from 50Hz to 60Hz
  • Optimise video camera frequency limits
  • Optimise focusing quality of videos by tapping on screen area to be focused on
  • Fix burst mode cannot be muted

  • Optimise lyrics adjustment state inside the user interface
  • Optimise smart removal of lyrics at the end of line with extra blank line
  • Bug fix for 4x1 Desktop Widget album cover display

[FM Radio]
  • Fix headphones no longer prompt to be inserted on some devices
[Sound Recorder]
  • Fix recorded radio is not displayed in the list of recordings
  • Fix when Caller ID is unknown / empty, call recording will lead to FC errors
  • Fix recording 'title' display shows incorrect information

  • Contact birthday reminders, fix porting to 4.1 android system

[Anti-disturb / DND]
  • Fix, turning off anti-disturb function and issues relating to unknown caller
  • Fix, some types of number prefix are missing after being added to the Blacklist

  • Fix in certain circumstances, the notes text displays some overlapping problems
  • Fix in some cases, selecting grid notes layout will lead to FC errors

[Alarm Clock]
  • Fix timer ringtones select, interface dislocation issues
  • Fix when setting two or more world clocks, on New Year's Day will lead to FC errors
May 4, 2011
Had an instance last week on Tuesday where every google app failed then all the rest, rebooted and wouldn't start up. Had to wipe and restore from previous week's backup. Since then had numerous fails here and there - reboots whilst on phone. ROM from 2 weeks ago was much more stable - hoping these issues resolved this week!
Mar 29, 2011
Using sgs2 and some of the fonts in certain apps i.e. whats app menu, are white so cant read unless I press the button. Is there file that can be changed to fix this?
Oct 14, 2012
Can you fix the *143# USSD code. Every time i dial it, an error always appear "Connection problem or invalid MMI code.". We use it for our local network operator prepaid promo here in the philippines. Please. Thanks! :) (LG Optimus LTE)
Jan 23, 2012
Isn't this rather awkward? The flagship of smartphones is still with 4.0.4 and JB for it is out for a month now... it almost makes me want to go to original rom again :-( this saddens me!
Mar 29, 2011
iBotPeaches, Im Using sgs2 and some of the fonts in certain apps i.e. whats app menu, are white so cant read unless I press the button. Is there file that can be changed to fix this?
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