Preview MIUI ROM 2.11.16 Preview Changelog (week 115)

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Nov 6, 2010
This weeks recommended updates

1. Desktop shortcut toggle (switches)

The notification bar shortcut toggles (switches) are one of the popular features in MIUI ROM and now you can place them on your desktop for quick switching to apps or other functions.

Open Desktop editing mode by long-pressing screen or select menu and edit widgets. Then select menu followed by the 'Add' option. Select Toggle and you can then choose which shortcut toggles to add to your homescreen(s).

2. New Dolby Equaliser (With supported devices only)

Now you can take full control of how you listen to your favourite tracks, TV shows or movies. You can set surround sound mode (using headphones) or select from a range of preset equalizer settings such as Rock, Pop, Dance, Jungle or RnB.

Open Settings > Sound > Dolby Mobile Control > Dolby Effects to see more!

3. Mobile Data Traffic usage
You can now set the data traffic limit yourself. The option of the Chinese operators has been taken away to allow international users to make better use of the function.

Full list of updates will be published on Friday as usual. The MIUI team are working hard through the winter weeks to bring a better MIUI experience to all users. Stay tuned for Fridays changelog.


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Feb 11, 2012
I was on 4.2 almost 15min and runs scarred back to MIUI... love you MIUI, sorry for that mindblow bad idea...
Aug 20, 2011
Until I get a nexus 4 and xiaomi create a rom i will move to rasbeanjelly and apex launcher, this phone got old and it can't take much more stress but I will try to freeze the miui home to see if the mem drain is gone using a different launcher since I only like the miui framework not the launcher ;)

P. S. And I'm in love with the rom!

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Jan 23, 2012
New audio settings look pretty kewl ^^

Short cuts/widgets!? Seems like a step backwards...

More options via power key e.g. like what control panel suite provides (but baked into rom by default)

A hidden dock to allow high usage apps to be easily accessed...

& something similar to swipepad ^^ e.g. swiping from, say - one of the four corners of screen to launch a short cuts window (which you can edit o/c ;-)

Quick access, while maintaining a clean desktop is very important :IMO:


Nov 2, 2012
hello all, im newbie on this forum :)

just wanna ask some question. i bought m1s, and the default package is stable version, then i change it into development version.
i dont know but dev version drain battery rather fast? or it just my thought. stable version more save the battery lifes.

and another question is, m1s is enough powerfull to run most heavy games, but google play detect-for example most gameloft games, is not compatible for xiaomi m1s. why? i bet it wasnt because that m1s engine couldnt play. is there a way to fix it?

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