Changelog MIUI ROM 2.3.23 Changelog [ICS]

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Nov 6, 2010
[Recommended this week]
  • New Clock / Alarm for MIUI V4
  • Added commonly used settings option to settings in addition to full settings options
  • Optimisation of Desktop sliding gesture efficiency and user experience
  • Added toast notification up after memory clean-up to show released memory and display current free memory
  • Added support for Bluetooth transfer of files in any file format
  • NEW limit on the number of call log entries
  • Optimise the answer interface gestures indicators
  • Optimisation to improve the response speed when opening the dial pad
  • Optimisation to reject call effect
  • Fix dial interface to enter editing mode, pressing and holding items caused jitter effect problems
  • Fix mobile SIM card import of contacts displays error in some cases
  • Added option to show / hide SIM card contacts
  • Optimised the bottom of the list name no longer shows phonetic, but the nickname and company
  • Optimised to open input method by default when creating a group
  • Optimisation of Edit contact pop-up list of account icons
  • Fix problem leading to FC when contacts application is opening in landscape
  • Fix problem editing a contact and clicking back or cancel will return a list of contacts
  • Add new message support for recent contacts (See SMS Settings)
  • Optimized the width of dialogue pages in the horizontal screen
[Lock screen, status bar, notification bar]
  • Optimised when the notification bar shows all notifications in the upper left corner says "more" icon no longer displays
  • Optimize the notification bar "in progress" entry to resolve the position transitions
  • Optimise the "simple" mode switch sliding sensitivity
  • Fix in some cases the lock screen will suspend animations
  • Repair not playing music, double-click the unlock button and then decline in music to begin play
  • Optimisation of Launcher sliding gesture efficiency and user experience
  • Fixed problem if there are no recent tasks, clearing result is displayed when there’s no recent task.
  • Add Variety lock screen support, rebound animation progress variable
  • New Variety lock screen support group components transparency
  • Optimisation when theme updates, the normal use of the current version is retained
  • Repair some cases, Chinese characters entered are not applied
  • Added scene selection and colour effects to add style icons
  • Optimisation to adjust the camera interface layout
  • Optimisation of video resizing of 480p in two formats; 720p and SD
  • Optimisation of the settings details interface
  • Optimisation when clicking on last taken photo in the camera interface speed of switching to direct use of the Gallery
  • Fix Photo EXIF time data is not accurate
  • Fix problem with camera not responding the first time it is opened (Clean system install)
  • Fix panoramic camera mode interface errors
  • Remove the face recognition setting option
  • New option to select albums in ascending or descending order
  • Optimisation of interface effects
  • Optimise the photo details action bar display adjustment
  • Fix problem with photo details / slide show / photo editing in full screen and now supports auto-rotation
  • Fix problem adding photo gallery to desktop causes FC
  • Fix problem opening gallery from picture selected in File Explorer
  • Fix problems with rotation going in wrong direction
  • Fix problem scanning Camera directory "Android/DCIM/" when complete does not automatically refresh the list of photos
  • Fix problem switching photo slides to photo details leads to FC
  • Fix album thumbnail aspect ratio (stretching issues)

  • Fix problems displaying the amount of available music on SD card is not refreshed
  • New Commonly used Settings list
  • Optimisation of password set-up settings options
  • Optimisation of MIUI Settings
[Download Manager]
  • Fix problem with deleted download history. Unable to select file to delete from list
  • Optimisation of the new interface version

  • Fixed the problem that when clearing interception SMS entries appear in the menu
[Alarm Clock / Clock]

  • Added new Word clock to optimise the alarm interface


Feb 10, 2012
how can we get the "old & basic" (pre-couple of updates ago) phone call answer interface ?thx


Dec 11, 2011

sam razzy

Mar 15, 2012
Is there any work on new kernel open source which released recently by Samsung for Galaxy S ii? Will we get pure miui?

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Dec 4, 2010
I really need the mod for MIUI v4 to skip tracks with the volume rockers, can someone please build one? :D



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Oct 31, 2011
All these feature suggstions need to stop. They will be taken when devices are stable. Were still getting ICS supported on these devices.


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Nov 6, 2010
Since people can't help themselves posting s**t like:

  1. Port this to my Nokia
  2. Fix this irrelevant bug
  3. Add this irrelevant feature
and etc etc... I've decided to close any release related threads down! You want to post bug issues, provide logcat using adb logcat, if you dont, we will delete the post/s.
Tired of trying to be nice to people who get given this work for FREE, in MY and my staffs OWN time.
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