Release MIUI ROM 2.4.13 [ICS] & [GB]

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    A new version has been released!

    [ICS MD5s]
    Nexus S MD5( = 5dcbbba1ad2c73e2f8fd326d4e088d46
    MI-ONE MD5( 6492ddf466877665a043d99ef26f5b7d MI-ONE
    SGS2 i9100 MD5( 018af186ba2c3b53e2c3a9e221d72e43
    Galaxy Nexus (GSM) MD5( 8529250367cf1593fbef7360dec88bdc
    Sensation MD5( 5cc82792a844bf34ef5592f40897a195
    Honor MD5( dcb036c85c2a31ef348e796684d2f652

    [ICS Downloads]
    Code: (MIONE ONLY)
    [GB MD5's]
    MD5( 656bf0d1b7d3e25d9da8d2ca4ef77823
    MD5( 61f0be4d49bf16db58802a265da16d19
    MD5( 9623a318dd332bc336cff7e1fd939db4
    MD5( 5b4e88ebe97ca300e82c028a1879c569
    MD5( 551be7da6c35ebc505bb6e3e59548b79
    MD5( 29671b7797b9ece47b17dc1beb0de12d
    MD5( 519b2da6a3db2ec058da3fc29679e91f
    MD5( 69d7ad3ae7fcbc2807d26459a0fb84e0
    MD5( c5fceda216978e02bc3076e69dda2d17

    [GB Downloads]
    ICS Changelog for 2.4.13:

    Thanks for our mirror providers: CeloGeek, Link2Caro and Magentium for their dedication to supporting this project.

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    licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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