Changelog MIUI ROM 2.4.20 Changelog [ICS]

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    • Optimise the global action bar height
    • Optimise Google apps, remove from system partition and allow for download from SuperMarket
    • Optimisation to increase the long-press close application key triggering time (0.5 to 1.5 seconds)
    • Fix Instagram incompatibility issues
    • Fix problem connecting USB - dialogue box becomes frozen on screen to select yes / no mount storage
    • Fix UCAM not compatible

    • New Desktop phone icon to support display of missed call number
    • Significantly improve telephone efficiency, including open speed, search efficiency and sliding fluency
    • Optimise the display of the time field
    • Fix ending call still shows the green 'return to call' bar
    • Fix international number does not show the attribution or contact detail properly
    • Fix in some cases the call operator under the phone does not display the operators name (Developer Edition only)
    • Fix some SIM/RUIM cards cannot switch APNs
    • Fix buffer overflow problems with Call log time causing Android Core FC

    • Optimise repeat number of details rules e.g. (IP prefix with and without number shown)
    • Fix problem entering numbers containing ','s leads to FC
    • Fix contact selector name, number of repeated questions
    • Fix problem with group pictures

    • New single touch access to send group SMS messages
    • Add new v4 SMS Interface
    • Optimise fluency of the message lists when sliding
    • Optimise the choice of regular text messaging time
    • New support to save MMS attachment to SD card
    • Optimisation of the new message pop-up window, touch screen area does not close the window
    • Send contact vCard information is fixed
    • Fix sending group SMS does not show sending progress
    • Fix problems with access control, lock screen does not show the MMS preview
    • Fix problems when restoring where duplication occurs
    • Fix too many recipients draft saved SMS responses
    • Removing SIM card does not display the "Save to SIM" card menu item
    • Optimised efficiency when adding a large number of contacts to a message
    • Session and list pages often do not display the time correctly for message details
    • Fix problem with scheduled SMS cannot modify send time

    • Optimise theme loading resource efficiency
    • Fix problem where wallpaper cannot be backed up
    • Fix problem in local theme details page, select local theme without "other@ modules
    • Fix details page, clicking the menu button causes the screen to go black
    • Fix application theme, lock screen style
    • Fix Customised theme does not support module

    • Fix some third-party cameras cannot record video in non-automatic scene mode

    • Optimise default load does not automatically generate album information
    • Optimisation of automatically generated album information algorithm
    • Fix some problems with hidden albums
    • Fix vibration issues (tactile feedback) when in multiple choice editor mode
    • Fix problem setting show hidden albums, the number of albums total displays errors
    • Optimise the Album page to speed up photo details page and animation effects
    • Fix USB hotplug frequently may lead to accidental deletion of files and other data
    • Fix problem with list of pictures created by third-party applications in the last row are blocked from view
    • Fix image details page to view a thumbnail (View is fuzzy)
    • Fix problem deleting albums / pictures

    • Optimisation of single mode, support background playing of music
    • Optimise near-by Wi-Fi network interface
    • Remove using SIM card, Setting 3G only operator option
    [File Explorer]
    • Fix in some cases interface problems
    • Fix loading for first time, opening sound options will appear with white bars problem

    • More secure and efficient mechanism for backup and recovery
    • Fix problem restoring SMS messages gives duplicated information
    [Alarm Clock]
    • Optimise the Alarm clock settings
    • Fix some third-party clock applications will clear the icon in the upper right corner of the screen to display activated alarm state

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