Release MIUI ROM 2.4.6 [ICS] [GB]

Discussion in 'MIUI News' started by MarkHUK, Apr 6, 2012.

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    This week Google Nexus One, Samsung T959, Desire Z and I897 will not be published for GB, this is largely down to stability of the ROM now.

    GB MD5's:
    MD5( 1229055ae77aead1972354b962a31320
    MD5( 4a057fc252f361a4014fa8d980bb7107
    MD5( 3608d0c454db100f20972601077ffa1e
    MD5( e1750bf5af63097e67773b9ff70aff0f
    MD5( 327d3def76994ec6b5eef95515450b14
    MD5( b86cf667ea7d198803f78fe6afff1d2e
    MD5( 77abe8465c67d09e4528700754b7f246
    MD5( e1c00e5784446c0bc308cc1fa8d3e18b
    MD5( 319d1f7c20e404e5ad2e6c6f4d5088cc
    GB Downloads:
    ICS MD5's:
    Galaxy Nexus (GSM) MD5( 802f4d5616f1e7ba69df8e254f8a9cf0
    Nexus S MD5( 5bfb3ca71c7070a60ebef78ed2e5e000
    MI-ONE MD5( 03c93fea2e8bd4cd1cc1cf4425d3b291
    SGS2 i9100 MD5( 80c9fa9f76a4842558798c83d326d60d
    Galaxy Nexus (LTE 4G) MD5( 4536962e23e0248e45e207241bad47a5
    Sensation MD5( 6f992d62373a07534ea4af15678ba9cd
    ICS Downloads:
    Code: (MI-ONE ONLY)
    ICS Changelog:

    Scroll down for information on other ICS ROMs.
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    Fixed Sensation and SGS2 now uploaded :)
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