Changelog MIUI ROM 2.9.14 Changelog

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Nov 6, 2010
  • Optimisation of the G12 device firmware in favour of European version: 14.01.401.2
  • Fix problem after recording a call then hanging up, when a new call is received it will automatically open call the recording function
  • Fix, large font mode, caller background image shows normally
  • Optimisation when selecting a contact number via search box prompt
  • Optimisation of large font mode, size of the phone number display in the call log
  • Further optimisation of session entries with large numbers of entries will provide smoother scrolling efficiency
  • Optimisation of viewing message details, the recipient will not be displayed on the same line
  • Fix forwarding text messages, and if it is unable to send, SMS message drafts will be lost
  • Fix in some cases, SMS sync causes FC errors
  • Optimisation of large font mode for SMS listing page
  • Fix some issues with SMS (720P) devices
  • Expanded menu (720P) cannot read the messages, pressing the Menu key
  • Fix MMS shutdown, timed transmission failure, message is not marked as "failed"
[Lock screen, status bar and notification bar]
  • New lock screen framework playback support for lit screen animations (requires theme support)
  • Delete when using editing mode, add a shortcut to open extra options
  • Optimise theme details page, page indicator style
  • Fix in some cases, theme package cannot be updated
  • Fix when using without SD card, you cannot download online resources
  • Fix download time and upload time displays with incorrect data
  • Fix theme details page when quickly switching themes leads to FC errors
  • Fix when returning to the local theme list from the search results page, local themes disappear
  • Mix feature displays only "fix details of a local theme packages from the search results page and other modules
  • Fix local (SD/Internal Storage) ringtone search problems and ringtone downloads
  • When deleting the theme, copy the wallpaper to the corresponding directory of the SD card
  • Clear thumbnail cache optimisation, Clear SD card cache option
  • Fix when deleting a large number of Albums will lead to FC errors
  • Clicking "Browse SD card", Fix when opening USB data storage mode, application becomes unresponsive
  • Selection of video files, fix Desktop widgets adds still image. When pressed on leads to FC errors
[File Explorer]
  • Fix replication in the category page, click and then press "cancel" the bottom of the "OK / Cancel" button does not disappear
  • Login to MiDrive, fix problems when prompted that mobile network could not be found
  • Fix the category page, compressed (zip/rar) files total displays as 0
  • Fix the prompt when emptying MiDrive Recycle Bin leads to FC errors
  • Fix problem where File Explorer will occasionally randomly refresh on its own causing problems
  • Add new Barometer, Altitude and Pressure sensor support (Not for all devices)
[Sound Recorder]
  • Fix playback of recording file, if the file is deleted, the playback will continue
  • Fix when recording at the same time as modifying the system time, will result in the recording duration displaying an error or the recording will terminate unexpectedly
[Alarm Clock]
  • Optimisation of restart of alarm when prompt to switch alarm off is disabled
  • New, notes can now be dragged out of the notes folder
  • New notes background random color optimisation, the "new notes" button will appear as a sticky note color
  • Optimise the grid view notes loading speed efficiency
  • Fix when restoring multiple backups or recovery of notes. Duplicated notes may be listed
  • Fix in some cases, notes cannot be sent to the desktop
  • Fix floating notes, notes flashing issue
  • Fix desktop widget support for 2x2 size notes
  • Fix "new notes" button to displays ghosting problem
  • Fix cannot use magnifying glass functionality in text editor mode
[Video Player]
  • New auto-resume video playback feature added
  • New full-screen and screenshot function for all V4 devices added
  • Fix adding video from Photo Gallery as a desktop widget. When opening video player you are unable to playback
  • Fix file browser when clicking on m4v video "video" option
  • Fix when playing video and returning to the desktop (pressing return key / button), and then open another video file will result in the previous video being played instead


Nov 5, 2011
Welcome updates...
I hope ROM for Galaxy Notes would finally release today. My question about safe Kernel is still unanswered. :(
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Nov 5, 2011
can someone give me the link that can safely flash this ROM to Galaxy Note?! i am new here...
Let ROM release first...dont know whether come with safe kernel or not..
I feel this will be with safe kernel, otherwise MIUI wont release it...


Sep 14, 2012
Welcome updates...
I hope ROM for Galaxy Notes would finally release today. My question about safe Kernel is still unanswered. :(

flash hydracore kernel first in recovery and then go in to advance and reboot to recovery! Wipe data,cache & dalvik and then flash the MIUI ROM! For safer side dont wipe anything from MIUI kernel till anyone reports of the safe !


Dec 16, 2011
You already asked that question in the preview thread yesterday and someone answered you.
But on that link they say you have to flash GAPPs. But here is not gapps...if anyone will confirm that it the right way to flash, ill use that link. i dont want brick phone/....

The one who answered me said that: Do the same as posted here, but instead of installing AOKP ROM, install MIUI, but the procedure is the same.


Dec 30, 2010
But on that link they say you have to flash GAPPs. But here is not gapps...if anyone will confirm that it the right way to flash, ill use that link. i dont want brick phone/....
You can skip the gapps flashing part as the miuiandroid roms come with gapps installed.


Jan 1, 2011
Does the v4 ROM sluggish only on Galaxy Nexus or on other device as well?
I love MIUI from my Desire days, but now compared to CM10 or AOKP, MIUI feels very sluggish and drinks a lot of memory. On task manager 75% of ROM is always consumed, even when nothing is running.
Every friday I flash MIUI but can't keep it till Monday just because of slow speed. Hoping to see a performance improvement in today's MIUI as well.
I use TRINITY kernel by the way.


Mar 20, 2012
I see there is no info on a Fix for the Out of Memory error in Contacts when adding big pictures. Guess full screen caller ID will NOT be an option this week either. Hopefully the contacts app will be stable enough for a daily use.


Jul 12, 2011
Still a five months old rom base for SGS2 and official Jelly Bean will come late November. So maybe i will come back here in 2013 to see if any updates have been made on the most popular android device.


Nov 11, 2011
Is it just me or are others still experiencing the following with 2.9.7:
- flashlight goes ON sometimes on locksreen
- Updater cannot find new updates
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