Changelog MIUI ROM 3.9.6 Changelog

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Nov 6, 2010
MIUI ROM 3.9.6 Full Changelog

Optimization - After lighting up the screen, NFC can be used without unlocking
Optimization - Improved the vibration effect of long press on the screen buttons
Fix - In some third-party apps, long press on the input box causes restart

Optimization - Reduced memory occupied by loading large contact photo
Fix - After the designated contact ringtone file is deleted, the ringtone in the contact details interface is not updated
Fix - Batch deletion of contacts might cause the program to stop running
Fix - Contacts reserved on the phone while deleting Xiaomi account cannot be added to Favorites or set the ringtone

Optimization - In private messaging, no failure notifications are sent for undownloaded MMS
Fix - When the slide is greater than 300KB, sending SMS might cause FC
Fix - No ringtones for "MMS undownloaded" notification in the notification shade
Fix - In some case, clicking the prompt of "Message undownloaded" might cause another dialogue page to appear
Fix - Clicking the prompt of "Message undownloaded" can go directly to the private messaging session
Fix - After adding SMS recipients, pressing the key physical desktop back to the desktop and starting Messaging app again, the program might FC
Fix - After selecting multiple recipients, adding more recipients might cause the already added recipients to disappear
Fix - When sending MMS, press the key physical Home button to back to the desktop, and start Messaging app again, Messaging app might FC
Fix - Quick click on message search or entry might cause the interface response failure

[Lock screen, status bar, notification shade]
Optimization - During a call, when the screen dims, press on the power button can light up the screen

Optimization - Updated the default desktop layout

Fix - When there is no photo in gallery album, click the camera icon to take photos and return to gallery, it still shows no photos or videos
Fix - While using large font size, “QR code scanning” icon deforms

Optimization - In " Selecting a track " interface, recording files are filtered
Fix - In some cases, FC occurs in shuffle mode

Optimization - When clicking the sound indicating icon in the middle of the screen to adjust the volume, pop up window will show in an improved style.
Optimization - Color temperature and saturation options are merged into one
Optimization - In "sleep" duration settings, "30 minutes " is changed to " Never"
Optimization - When modifying the phone name, press on Back key will pop up a prompt to save the changes
Fix - When connecting WiFi and entering the password, rotating the screen may cause "Show password" to be invalid

[Access Restrictions]
Fix - When entering a access restriction password, rotating screen makes the interface exit

[Xiaomi account]
Optimization - When deleting an account, "forgot password" function is added in password inputting popup window


Aug 26, 2013
Edit after update: Nice list; can't wait for the Multi of this :) and hopefully no root missing ;-)
Sep 4, 2013
What o_O message application have a problem?
If the bank send to me message , message application stop working. The sender name like this: AKILLISMS no number. This problem still stands?
Aug 23, 2013
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Oct 13, 2012
One problem i'm facing that the facebook or this related all chating apps does not shows the new message pop up notification automatically. I have to check it manually again & again. Is this bug?
Happens a lot with the OK cupid dating app.

Its either an issue with the ROM, or I am delusional regarding my chances of landing a date.

Definitely the ROM :p

Sent from my Xiaomi MI2S


Oct 19, 2012
Did you tried enable Pop-up message Option on Settings/Applications/your app's panel?
I think if this setting even not enabled though facebook don't need any spl settings. Bcoz its common thing that whenever there is new message then device rings in even in deep sleep. But it won't rings So i think no need to enable any other settings. Do you not facing this issue on your device?
Feb 12, 2013
If you just flash the rom on top of your old one, nothing is lost. You keep apps, settings, themes and everything.. why should it be gone? As long as you dont wipe your system you should be fine.
Dec 22, 2012
If you just flash the rom on top of your old one, nothing is lost. You keep apps, settings, themes and everything.. why should it be gone? As long as you dont wipe your system you should be fine.
Though the base is same doing dirty flash makes the system unstable. I always take backup using 4EXT nandroid backup, wipe everything install freshly and install the apps one by one using ES file explorer and restore the data using titanium backup specifically for apps. Using sms backup pro for messages. As I could find the way to restore sms and call logs using titanium. Yes, it takes time, but stable.
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