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Discussion in 'MIUI News' started by MarkHUK, Jun 13, 2012.

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  1. MarkHUK

    MarkHUK Founder of Staff Member

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    This weeks recommended updates:

    1. Added support to export contacts to SIM card, added due to user feedback as the feature is commonly used

    2. Optimisation of 12-hour time segments "AM/PM" to "morning, noon, afternoon. evening, and midnight

    3. New theme searching interface to make searching for themes easier and more efficient
    Full change log will be posted on Friday as usual.
  2. MasterTB

    MasterTB Members

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    Now that you're posting this weeks updates, I kinda have a question regarding features...
    I'm on a SGSII, love miui so far and I'm not complaining BUT, since the rom for my phone is based off Samsung's rom, I always wondered why doesn't miui include video calling support??
    I loved that feature, been using it on my carrier since I had my N95 and I'm starting to miss it badly...
    Is there any way to pass this request to miui china so the developers can at least have a look at the possibility??
  3. Demigod

    Demigod Members

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    Xcited.....hav a request u add d option to disable the homescreen while makin a call d call menu rotates nd comes to d front...m usin a nexus s nd wat ever kernel i try i get lag here nd der which at times drives me crazy...just a suggestion if u cld luk into ur work nd roms cheers
  4. Igypop

    Igypop Members

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    Any news about the non repeating ringtone on SGSII?
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  5. dp4u4umi6ev

    dp4u4umi6ev Members

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    To make ringtone repeat just have to put this two lines in build.prop:
  6. gung.jack

    gung.jack Members

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    What kernel work for MIUI SGS2? the battery fairly economical, syah kernel does not fit on my device, there must be some problems with wifi, very wasteful use abyss kernel.
  7. Andy Thomson

    Andy Thomson Staff Developer

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    What on earth does "Optimisation of 12-hour time segments "AM/PM" to "morning, noon, afternoon. evening, and midnight" mean??
  8. benjamin336

    benjamin336 Members

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    What language is this? Tried google translate but it made no sence...
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  9. hwithv

    hwithv Members

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    @Mark: There is no new Miui ROM for Milestone, any more? Long time no see the update for MS. Thanks
  10. 9Lukas5

    9Lukas5 Members

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    Hahaha, that's english. But it's a very bad one.

  11. Ahmato27

    Ahmato27 Members

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    Will this week's build have Linaro optimizations like

    Typed on my Galaxy Nexus using SwiftKey.
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  12. qdatvn

    qdatvn Members

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    I think so.
  13. iBotPeaches

    iBotPeaches Script Gatekeeper Staff Member

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    Milestone does not have ICS, so no.

    Um. Linaro has been built into some CM9 builds, its not ready. Far too many bugs during compiling with gcc to make it worth it. Give it 2 weeks to mature.

    Hopefully it will tell me 5pm is now evening :p
  14. Angelo

    Angelo Members

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    So does this version support themes?

    Sent from my GT-9100@MIUI 2.5.18+Siyah kernel
  15. emperorsuresh

    emperorsuresh Members

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    Hi Mark,
    When I have a security PIN, the lock screen no longer shows up. Is it a problem with the configuration that I have on my phone, or is it a problem with the ROM? Thanks!

    HTC Sensation 4G running MIUI Android 2.6.8
  16. @AdairJunior

    @AdairJunior Members

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    MIUI v4 is already themeable. Only fonts cannot be changed.
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