Xiaomi MIUI ROM Reaches 10,000,000 users! Share the LOVE!!

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Nov 6, 2010

Today marked a landmark for MIUI and Xiaomi as there are now a record 10,000,000 users actively supporting and using MIUI ROM.

As part of the celebration Xiaomi have reached out to all the dedicated developers and international sites who support MIUI and Xiaomi to help them in a very simple and charitable way.

Simply visit http://love.miuiandroid.com/ and follow the link to download the MIUI Love theme.

What's the Charity part?
For each download of the MIUI Love theme, Xiaomi will donate 0.1 RMB to the Smile Angel Foundation. The foundation was setup to help children born with a cleft lip and pallat (CLP) from low-income families.

Please show your support by doing a very simple thing which will help touch the lives of hopefully thousands of children who desperately need these donations. No money is needed for this but MIUIAndroid.com will be donating some money towards this Charity as a gesture of kindness to our friends in China.


Mark and Team.
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