[MIUI][THEME][18.09] Neon Series (RT.GT.BT) - NeonRT Released

Discussion in 'Theme Releases' started by Jumba, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Pizz0wn3d

    Pizz0wn3d Members

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    Just installed the Blue version, and damn it looks good!

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  2. aswath_10

    aswath_10 Members

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    Is there any chance we get orange colour theme... Liked your all previous 3 themes and waiting for orange
  3. mainevent3405

    mainevent3405 Members

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    Just started using the GT. Great theme by the way! I can't seem to get the music player controls to work on the lockscreen. Any suggestions?
  4. beaver2233

    beaver2233 Members

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    tap the middle of the lockscreen a few times, should pop up

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  5. grondinm

    grondinm Members

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    love the red version. Would like to see a few more icons....but loving it.

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