MiUi v6 Galaxy Note 3 beta test?

Aug 19, 2014
Hi, guys.
I'm new here and I want to know if it will come miui v 6 for my galaxy note 3 ( n9005 ). I'm using miui v5 for now but I want to test the v6, can be in beta test, I don't matter. I just want to test it... Anyone know the time for it comes out? Please, I'll really love if someone has the ROM or can port it, unofficial or official, doesn't matter. Please, can anyone help me?

Sorry for bad English, I'm Brazilian ...

Sent from my Galaxy Note 3 with MiUi v5
Aug 22, 2014
Thanks Hugo for bringing this thread to the light. I myself wish to do the same thing on my N9005. I've tried a lot of roms in the past, and ever since I switched over to MIUI 5, I have no desire to go back to anything that resembles stock Android UI. Xiaomi has done something amazing here, but I'm not sure if they are fully aware how amazing their ROM really is.. No official support for International Samsung Galaxy Note 3? C'mon now. I really hope to see them expand support across across many more devices, especially the N9005, when MIUI v6 launches. As a graphic designer, I applaud the design choices made in the UI and UX of the operating system. Nothing else on Android looks so well thought out and clean. I would definitely sign up for a beta as well as long as my device is supported. Otherwise I'll still be happy on my ported v5. Please Xiaomi, give us your take on this!