MIUI v6 SE bugs

Nov 28, 2014
In these games (WalkingDead Season One AND WalkingDead Season Two, Wolf Among Us) doesnt work Sound in MIUI v6 SE for MI2S (all developer ROMs). Go ahead and try these games and u will see. (On MI3 sound works)
But if i install MIUI v5 it works perfectly.
So MIUI v6 SE for MI2S is not complete? It missing some driver or what?
Please help.
Aug 20, 2013
Well, it is complete, but consider how the ROM formed. It's made of V5 4.1, AOSP 4.1, CM10.2, CM11+V6... all stitched and glued together from crappy Xiaomi's sources(origin of sound bug I think). There is lot of minor and major bugs plus lots of bugs from V6. Ivan done awesome work, but I wouldn't expect much support from him. Xiaomi should release updated and fixed sources, then everything will be fine.