[miui V6] Weak Performance

Jun 21, 2014
Have you installed the MIUI V6 on your Redmi 1S?
I have the 5.5.15 installed on my Redmi 1S.

After hitting the wrong button on the Mi Recovery (Wipe All Data, instead of Wipe User Data), I had to flash everything from the Official Xiaomi support website through fastboot.
Then, I flashed the Xiaomi.eu one and Wiped Cache.

Then, as I was adjusting the Setting to my linking I found some FC of the Settings app and the UI simply crashed when I selected the biggest font available.
Not a problem, as it was some normal thing in the beginning of any ROM on Redmi 1S.

I installed the application I normally use.
And then I connected the Mi Account.

As I move around facebook I discovered that the phone was slow, very slow.
I decided to let it sync (many background activity), charge it to maximum and go to sleep.

Next day the phone was slow again.
I opened No-frills CPU and when I applied the minimum frequency (~300MHz), the maximum frequency (~1,6GHz) and the governor (to perforance) I noticed that the CPU maximum frequency was locked to ~1GHz.

I remember an option in Battery Settings as to be on Performance or Balanced.
I switched to Performance (which maintains a constant annoying notification about the battery lasting less than it should) and everything became more smooth.

Than I set up Tasker to give more maximum CPU frequency when screen is on (1,6GHz for normal usage) and on call (because when on call the screen is off and the proximity sensor was slow) and lower maximum performance when the screen is off (1GHz as I am not using the phone at all).

But, all around, MIUI V6 performance on Redmi 1S is weak.
I know it is a developer version and it will be better with time.
But do you remember how long it took for Xiaomi to fix the kernel issue of heating up (v45), and with that fix the Redmi 1S became slow, and only on v47 the phone was good.

What is your feedback?