miuiandriod forum runner


May 26, 2012
Hi there to all, would like to say I am new to this miui rom and wish i knew about it earlier, it ticks all my boxes and am loving it, i have but 1 question so far, when i try to access the forum from my HTC Sensation it pops up a box saying to use "Forum Runner" app to access this forum, but when i load and try to add this forum (searching using "miuiandroid") it only finds MIUIv4 and ICS MODS which to the best of my understanding IS NOT this site as my user details get denied, if anyone could help this would be appreciated. :)


Script Gatekeeper
Oct 31, 2011
Forum Runner seems to have an update.

I'll let you know when we update it, maybe that'll solve it.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.