MIUI's flexibility

Sep 29, 2012
Hi guys,

I was wondering since android was never made to be like the corporate money stealing suits to work on all androids universally does the same concept ally to MIUI?
Where i am getting at is that nowadays there are alot of models from china which have cooler features then those big brands and i really wana buy those phones. The only problem is, if i do buy em im stuck with the normal android OS. I've been using MIUI for over a year now and love everything about it, so what happens if i flash the same screen sized phones rom into one of these smaller brand phones?
What i mean by same screen sized is that i'll check that the screen size of the phone is the same before flashing it in. Since android is able to use all the processors i dont think hardware difference will make much of a difference right...?
Or can i somehow force MIUI's stuff inside this kinda phone?
Aug 20, 2011
Find the Chinese clone of the phone you want and make sure that all the specs are the same, but then try to do your test

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