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    I'm trying to flash OpenWrt on my Xiaomi Mini Router. I am following a procedure, according which I need to obtain SSH first, and the I can flash the OpenWrt. I have already done that with my previous Xiaomi Router (this is my second).

    I tried to flash the SSH unsuccessfully at least 10 times. I cannot seem to find the problem. Here's a summary of what I did so fat:

    1. Downloaded miwifi_ssh.bin, put it on a flash drive (I tried with 4 different flash drives)
    2. Flashed the router with the latest developer version 2.9.9. When I saw it's not working, I tried flashing it with older developer verison. I tried at least 4 different version. Nothing helped.

    What happens is that I follow strictly the flashing procedure, but it ALWAYS ends with the red light and cannot flash the SSH. What am I doing wrong ?

    Also, is the miwifi_ssh.bin file the same for every device, or is it different ? Because this is my second Xiaomi Mini Router, and I'm not sure if it's the previous, or the current one associated with my Xiaomi Account.

    Can somebody help ?
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    I have the same problem. Seems that flashing DD-WRT (I think it was OpenWRT not DD-WRT...) with developer version 2.9.9 and other older versions does not work. I always get a red LED constantly lights up for ever....

    I tried OpenWrt and it does not work... giving me a constant red LED light on... for ever...
    (It's also not clear which flash method to use... some stated a WEB-Upload some do a SSH login and use the Linux flash command, etc.)

    After that, the only option to get a working router back is to flash 2.9.9 developer version or any other version by putting the flash file to an USB stick and name it as "miwifi.bin" - file name important, else it will not flash. This is how I get the "original" Mi WiFi router back.

    After that, I need to install the "miwifi_ssh.bin" (I think it's that name, must be that way). Put it on USB FAT32 drive, and press-and-hole RESET while turn power-supply on until it blinks orange... then after a while it should become blue, orange, and blue again... WAIT for about 3 or 5 minutes! It also writes some data to the USB stick.

    Also, the tutorials are very old out there and do often not refer to exact date and version etc. so it's not clear if we can use it or not... so try & error...

    2016-02feb-07 -- Bluebox.
  3. Chilling_Silence

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    Follow the instructions here, no need for anything USB:

    Easy to install, I've flashed about 8 of the Mi WiFi Mini so far using that method to enable telnet and then install openwrt.
  4. veeraragavan.n

    Jan 9, 2017

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