Mix 4 speakers


Jan 13, 2022
Hi guys! When I did research before buying Mix 4, I was led to believe that this phone has some of the top 3 speakers on the entire market.
Now having the phone for 5 months, I find myself constantly observing that the speakers are elite, but not on the best tier. The regular S22 sounds louder to me, S22 ultra sounds even better, iphone 13 pro totally better.

Display brightness too, even on auto with sun mode on, in bright sun light feels lacking. I knew that the max brightness would not be the best, but the speakers really annoy me.

What do you think ?


Oct 6, 2016
It doesn't have the best screen, but it has the best notchless screen without a motorized cam. It's speakers are decent for a youtube video, for music you should use headphones or a bluetooth speaker, same applies for every phone.


Sep 5, 2020
I think phone speakers in general are a poor alternative to Bluetooth speakers or headphones.

The speakers are good enough. I can play a YouTube video and not miss anything

Really niche feature though. I myself do not sit at the back my the bus blasting music from my phone!

Speakers are useful to have and I like the Mix 4's but if they're not best in class I can't say I'll lose any sleep