New MIX 4 Stable MIUI 13.0.2/13.0.4 Bugs


Jan 17, 2022
These are bugs happening on both currently available "Stable" builds for the MIX 4 (13.0.2 / 13.0.4)

- Can't install Google Chrome from Play Store (pressing install does nothing).
- Xiaomi Cloud is not working at all. Impossible to backup or restore.
- Restoring system settings from other Xiaomi devices through MI Mover does not work.
- MMS state "Network not ready" on both Google Messages and Xiaomi built-in Messages app. All carrier settings are confirmed correct.
- Sharing links through Google Messages does not work. Links dissapear from the message before you can send it.
- Google DUO doesn't work. Invitations are impossible to send. Maybe related to item above.
- No chat features in Google Messages.
- Silent Mode icon shows on left side of status bar instead of right.

I factory reset my phone. It's unusable for me.