New [MIX2S] Loosing Signal, Call dropping


Dec 5, 2010
Hello there,
i'm not sure if anybody posted the issue in the Bugs section allready... i've mentioned it from time to time in the release threads of the roms... but still since many months now there is some issue gooing on with mix2S... as it is loosing the signal when switching between cell towers...

this results in broken dataconnection and not getting it back until flightmode or reboot
and when in an call, mostly the connection is broken, either the caller or youself cant hear the other side ... then the call hangs... the caller can't call you back instantly instead you're not available and getting into mailbox, etc..

all issues and finds are allready well discussed in this thread, there are also plenty of logs available:

also some issue has been opened on miui offical side, but looks like no one cares... propably devs can see and fix this issue? latest reports are that the issue won't happpen when bootloader is locked and on offical rom?!

also some reports says the issue won't happen with custom (aosp) roms -> i'm currently testing an Resurrection Remix ROM, yesterday i haddn't an single issue while calling and drive my daily 30min drive to work, where i had multiple disconnects with miui roms... but also today i had one disconnect/caller cant here me anylonger, and also the caller came right into the mailbox after recalling me... so still testing if this is really not an issue with custom non-miui, but after today i would now swear this anymore!

best regards