mlb 9 innings can't load


Jun 30, 2017
Hi eveyone mlb 9 innings (baseball game) can't load on my redmi note 8.However i play to mlb 9 innings for years and i never had issue on this game. I've tried different way to solve it but the issue is still the same(clear cache and data from the app. downloading many times the app from the playstore etc...
You will find a screenshot of the rapport error of my redmi note 8 . This page coming when the game stop
I have a Redmi note 8 with android 10 with MIUI 12.2 20.9.24 Beta
Could somebody of the community can help me to manage this bad way,,?

Thanks in advance


  • Screenshot_2021-11-04-10-39-59-873_com.miui.bugreport.png
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