MMS Not Working on Some Carriers on Poco M3


Aug 1, 2018
Howdy folks,

I have a problem where incoming and outgoing MMS do not work - I eventually get an error saying that it cannot send. Yes, I have triple checked the APN settings for my carrier (Optus) and they are correct. I am able to use MMS on the same SIM and same APN settings using a different handset without any problems.

What is interesting though is that MMS works OK if I use Aldi Mobile (Telstra). The only difference I can see is that the Optus MMS APN is split into an "Internet" and "MMS" APN, whilst Aldi Mobile only has the one APN.

I am using the Poco M3 with I have just checked and I get the same issue with the official global and EU ROMs as well.

Any ideas? I am going a bit crazy over this issue.