"mode Not Supported" On Mi Box Pro 2s

Sep 20, 2015
I'm not sure what happened, I installed that Shafa Market, installed CloudTV, and all of the sudden the box got into black screen and nothing is showing up except that message on my Samsung TV.

I tried people's suggestion boot into recovery mode by pressing "Home" And "Menu/Option" button and plug it in, but it didn't do a thing.

What's my choice here? I don't think it's bricked, because I could still adb into it. And I still have full root access


Jan 18, 2015
Get a recovery ROM and the update file onto a USB stick (root directory) ... put it into the USB port and then plug in the power and boot into recovery mode .... wait for a bit (it's great if your USB stick has a LED to show accesses to it). After awhile (when the USB stick isn't accessed any more), press the center button of the donut on the remote. Don't press up or down on the donut.

Your box isn't displaying properly for some reason ... this happens on my box every so often.