MSM DCVS Governor

Jun 23, 2013

a very efficient and wide range of Dynamic Clock and
Voltage Scaling (DCVS) which addresses usage models from
active standby to mid and high level processing requirements.
A Krait CPU can smoothly scale from low power, low
leakage mode to blazingly fast performance.

Believe it's a governor that is mfg'd by qualcomm to utilize new on chip features.

MSM is the prefix for the SOC (MSM8960) and DCVS is Dynamic Clock and Voltage Scaling. Makes sense, MSM-DCVS

Is it normal to get errors such msm_dcvs_update_freq: Error(-2) or msm_dcvs_idle: Error(-2) ? saw those messages in dmesg. And i get worse performance on my phone when changing all the governors on all 4 cores to gets all jerky , as though the cpu is unable to ramp up it's speed in time.
Jan 14, 2013
I was using it with old miui v4 but I had wakelocks with it back then.. Could you confirm, that they're gone? This gov seemed to be a bit faster than "ondemand" !

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