New Multi-Lang Bug (Xiaomi M2)

Sep 26, 2012

Had a glance on the search and didn't find any similar result. Didn't search in detail thou.

So, I flashed the latest 3.1.25 with Multi-Lang.

My step of flashing:
1) Download 3.1.25 aries rom, renamed to
2) Download 3.1.25 aries Multi-Lang
3) Reboot to recovery mode, wipe cache
4) Update system one with
5) Reboot to system one
6) Update "system 2" via updater, reboot
7) Update Multi-Lang via updater, reboot

However, I still can't add language to my keyboard and changing to other language arise " stop running message"

Below is my logcat.

Please forgive me if I didn't provide enough information, still in the learning curve.