New Music Player freezes when changing songs


Aug 6, 2012
Hello there. I've a strange issue since JB roms of MIUI, on my Motorola Atrix.

I use to play music from the lock screen. Sometimes I change songs repeatedly to find some song I would like to hear from here. But now, at some point, it stops playing: the spectogram of lock screen shows nothing and the "Pause" icon turns to the "Play" icon. I press that but it don't work. Pressing >> or << also doesn't do the trick. If I close the app from System Settings, the problem persists. Also I tried clearing data from Music Player but it doesn't work either. I have to wait about 5~10 min. or restart the phone to be able to play music again.

For starters, here are my settings:

Allows to download images: no
Allows to download lyrics: no
Listen to online music: no
Display lyrics: no
Display album art: yes
Display spectogram: no
Use embedded album art: no (I've putted album images into MIUI/music/album so music player can read them)
Filter by size: no
Filter by duration: no
Filter by folder: yes (I've my songs sorted into folders by album, on my SD card)
Shake to skip: no
Only skip when screen on: disabled (due to "shake to skip - no")
Listen and download: no
Screen stays awake: no
Store last position: yes
Song switch gradient effect: no

I'd also uploaded a logcat. I'd noticed a thing about "AudioFlinger server died!". I was googling about that but I couldn't find an answer related to MIUI player... Any help would be very appreciated!