My Experience with MIUI 12 after using it for 2 days

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Dec 12, 2019
Throughout my experience with MIUI 12 since the release, I would say that I was pleasantly surprised. The software experience was great, the interface was smooth. No extreme bugs for the first release unlike the first MIUI 11 release. Good job.

Like every first release of a major version number upgrade, there tends to be some bugs which is quite annoying.
For example:

- volume slider bug (a stock miui issue)
- full screen gestures animation stutter when going home (this doesn't happen when using nav buttons)
- inconsistency of 3rd party icons (it's been there since the start and written as a feature idk why)
- some untranslated parts here and there (words when resizing floating windows) (excl. themes app)
- cleaner app force closes after using (quits to security app main page)
- super wallpaper only works with double tap to wake on home screen or using the lock button in control center
- stuttering of animation when opening the phone without going through lock screen once in a while
- stuttering of control center once in a while (huge frame drop)
- weather wordings overlaps the date in Notification Center (words like thunderstorm)
- (something) had stopped screen appears every time after booting up
- font is not thick enough when setting it till the thickest setting (compare to MIUI 11)
- inconsistency of font thickness on my data panel in control center (while using the thickest font in font weight)
- inconsistency of status bar font (battery indicator in and next to icon compared to time/connection speed)
- app opening animation for landscape type games (a stock miui issue)
- wallpaper doesn't zoom or vice versa when opening app/close app (animation issue, a stock miui issue)
- can't press allow to use VPN (or anything else maybe) when using gestures
- buttons panning issue on notification pop up
- animation stutters while changing orientation (a stock miui issue)
- corners are not rounded during animation when changing orientation (a stock miui issue)

there might be more bugs or inconsistency I might missed, these are the ones I actually met.

Overall the experience is mostly smooth, some minor issues here and there, not a big deal considering this is the first release and it's based on miui closed beta, even before the official beta was released.

For those who criticize the team for what they gave us while they are trying their best to give the most polished update and bearing all the criticism at the same time, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Kudos to the team who made this update, and also to the ones who helped to translate the interface, this is a great release.
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Dec 12, 2019
- Mi Mix 2S
- MIUI 12
- 6/64 configuration
- moderate gaming/mostly social media and YouTube
- using stock launcher layout
- using thickest font in font weight
- only mod: miui 12 icon mod
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