My Redmi Note 11 disconnects from wifi and does not list any wifi networks for some time


Sep 24, 2022
Hi, got my hands on Redmi Note 11, but 2 weeks ago, WiFi started disconnecting and all networks disappear when i check it for like 2-5 minutes.
No idea why, as i don't have any app switching off WiFi, only WiFi Analyzer, but seems like i am the only one that have this problem. But it is weird that when i tried Safe Mode, it:
1. Removed every third party app from home screen dissappeared (but not the point of this post)
2. Made the WiFi not disconnect again in Safe Mode.
I also tried Airplane mode, worked without anything on except wifi and it worked. Turning off Bluetooth did the same, worked, so i am confused if it's software, or hardware problem.

Thank you, if you help me.


Oct 21, 2015
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