Need Help For Mi4c


Apr 23, 2016
Hello guys,

I need your help.

First i want to say that I don't have received yet the SMS confirming the unlock permission
I asked for the bootloader to be unlock on the official website. 10 days later, I asked on the forum for moderator to submit my application.

When i go back on the unlock page from de official website its only give me the possibility to download the flash unlock tool.

So i don't know if my application was granted or not because i don't received the SMS even after 15 days...

I flashed the ROM to the chinese on (developper) version : 6.4.21.
When I use the flashing tool after the permission check (that allows me to continue) I try to launch the unlocking process but it stops at 50% (the first step) saying that the device couldn't be identify (Mi acount not the same on the phone than on the pc) but it is the same because I only have one.

More over, i can't flash the device to an older version of the Developper ROM because the device says that the update can't be checked.

I don't know what to do can you help me ?

Thank you !