need help, have original china rom


Aug 26, 2021
I need help since nobody could help me so far. I have mi max 3 with original china rom.
Miui 12.5.1. Stable, android 10.

Since beginning of july 21 i got problems with google services. Play store did not run. It did not login to google anymore. I deinstalled google maps but couldnot reinstall. I can not login to google or delete my google accout in the settings of xiaomi. I can not add a new account. I deleted playstore but can not install a new one. Youtube says it would not run without Google services which are not supported by my phone. What should i do, factory reset ?, install global rom, install eu rom ?
I am from germany.
Tx for help.


Sep 28, 2020
You can unlock you bootloader and install rom.
It has Google service integrated. And it works
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