Netflix Hd On Mi Box Or Mi Box Mini

Mar 29, 2016
Hello, I'm a fan of Xiaomi and I would like to get a new TV box to watch netflix in full HD on my TV.

Does the MI Box Mini (which I really like for the minimal design) support it?

If not, does the standard "big" version support it?

I'm not talking on the Netflix app itself which I already read is supported, I'm talking about the max resolution allowed!

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Mar 29, 2016
If you wanna see the resolution, search "short" under American network (maybe via VPN) and you'll find a bunch of sample videos with resolution watermark
Jul 29, 2015
None of the Chinese phone or tablet based android TV boxes are allowed by Netflix to show HD content except for Wetek. Netflix has a very narrowly defined set of devices that can run their content in HD. Its on their site.
The only other boxes associated with google's android are boxes like Nvidia Shield which have a specific version of AndroidTV.
If you really need HD Netflix, get a new Roku stick or Roku 3 or 4. Also may consider one of the intel based Windows 10 minipcs that are flooding the market.
Please note, you MUST upgrade your Netflix subscription to a tier that outputs HD on the appropriate device.