New Mi Policy About Lock Bootlader

Nov 26, 2013
As this matter is very important for Mi European Community (and its future) althought there was a discussion already for best order I am opening this thread for get the Community possition.

More references:
XDA thread

Mi reason
I actually talked to a good friend of mine that is a dev for MIUI, he said they did this due to the vast amount of malware they were finding on phones sold by resellers. Especially on phones being shipped to the US and Europe, two markets Xiaomi will be aggressively expanding to in the next few years. Bad press is the last thing they need. Huawei knows first hand what spyware allegations can do to you in the West.
He told me right now the actual Dev's have to approve every request for an unlock (Fyi: if you sell phones your request will most likely be denied). They are moving to allow the Mod's and Senior Members of the MIUI forums to also approve unlock requests. He said once that is fully operational it will take under a week for most people to get their codes.
Everybody here is happy here with unclock bootloaders; but certainly it is fine for users as us, but not for rookies or for a brand policy. I have bought eight Mi phones (friends and familiy) but I have had the ROM installation procedure. The problem is not European resellers (2 year guarantee and rom installed). But China resellers sell devices with a lot of bloatware and modified ROMS: phone became unusable (recently I see it in one Mi4c).
Then the problem really is: rookie user buys a Mi phone to a Chinese reseller. I sure as hell won't recommend a device from Xiaomi because of the bloatware, fails, ramdom reboots, etc. I have readed lots of negative reviews of Mi phones in for theses issues.

I believe the unblock booloader procedure by Mi is too large and require too much steps mainly because is looking avoid the unlock by resellers. And: one month for phone arrives from China and one month more for code unlock. But really: Any rookie user knows about fastboot, roms, wipe, etc? The phone will arrive with an Oficial ROM (only in English and Chinese) and he/she will ask: what about German, Franch, Spanish, etc? Will any rookie to buy a Mi phone in Europe or South America (except U.K.). Obviously not: only Mi roms and markets lost.

- Advances users will not buy Mi devices for this horrible unclock bootloader procedure.
- Rookie users will not buy devices with official ROMS only in English and Chinese.

And Why blocks all devices and not only newly bought?

What if we thinks about a fine solution for Mi and for European Community too?
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Jan 21, 2016
Hello, i bought a mi4c and it came with a miui version strange ,, then i changed for china stable version.
The question is, my bootloader is locked with this version? I never used a developer version! Just the two mentioned up!
How can i update my mi4c to the libra 6.1.14 without bricking my phone?
Please help
Thanks a lot