New New to MIUI... having some difficulties with it!

Nov 8, 2012
I have the HTC Desire and just installed MIUI 2.10.12 Jelly Bean v2.7... I've been experiencing some persistent problems I'm not sure how to deal with....

* Can't get the iPhone theme** lockscreen to come on.... it's always the MIUI lockscreen (**iPhone iOS6 Theme for MIUI v4 (update august 17) by Malanore). Even though I have it checkmarked "lockscreen" when I apply the theme. I saw the MIUI iPhone theme lockscreen for ONE SECOND, once, while I was playing around with a Magic Locker iPhone lockscreen. It's much nicer than the Magic Locker lockscreen, so I would like to have it!

* Can't get Google Search OR Google Voice to work ("unfortunately, Google Search has stopped"). And yeah, I tried uninstalling Google Search via Titanium, and reinstalling it through the App market.

* VERY often when I tap on an icon on one of the screens, instead of opening, it causes the screen to shift left. I have to tap many times to get the app to open.


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Aug 20, 2011
This is not our rom. We do not support MIUI v4 for Desire as there isn't one in official development. I suggest you should ask this questions over the XDA thread:

As for second question about google search/voice, this is Jelly Bean port and there's Google Now that handles search/voice. And if your rom doesn't contain Google Now I suggest you could find Velvet.apk (Google Now) and put this file into /system/app in zip rom. Then install.

Or try flashing latest Gapps for Jelly Bean.