New to the forum, new to MIUI. Need some help please (don't know what i'm doing)!

Aug 9, 2012
Hello everyone! I am a HTC Desire GSM user and a few days ago MIUI rom and i downloaded this version from MIUI official site.

The problem I encounter is that while I changed the menu from chinese to english, some applications and menues such as calendar, add new contact etc still remain in chinese. So, I wiped everything and reinstalled, but the problem remains. I try to update, but it says that I have the latest version installed.

Is there any solution to this problem, because I've been searching for 2-3 days without result. I also tried to get help in the chat, but still noone was responding. Is there any language pack (english) for this system?

What shoul I do?

Here's what my system is:

HTC Desire
Android version 2.3.7
Baseband version:
Kernel version android@portatile 1
Build Number - MIUI- 2.4.13

Can anyone help me? Sorry for my english and if this has been asked before.

Thanks in advance

Andy Thomson

Staff Developer
May 10, 2011
Just click on the ROMS link HERE...
There are links there to the latest ROMS which have been fully translated into English..There is also a guide to installing MIUI on your device.

Good Luck
Aug 9, 2012
Thank you for the quick response. Can you point me tothe correct link for my device,because i dont find htc desire there :(
Thank you very much!