New Update Miui And Google Apps

Aug 6, 2014
Hi. I have a Mi2s and a couple of days ago, I updated my MIUI versione to the latest one.
Updating it, I noticed that all Google apps weren't working, so I thought to uninstall them and reinstalling. Unfortunately that didn't work, and I tried to reset my phone (saving everything on my pc), so that I could reinstall every application, including Google service and Playstore, but that didn't happen, because I can't still install them. I tried again to reset it by using the recovery, but it didn't work.
I also tried the last chance: reinstalling the old version using the .zip and selecting it by the recovery, but it was meaningless, my Mi2s read it as "corrupted" file.
Now I'd like to go back to the old version I had, but I don't know how to do it.
Can someone help me? (I'm not that good in this stuff, so please forgive me if I wasn't that clear while explaining my problem)