Newbie. Help Needed With Multilanguage Installation

Jan 31, 2015
My (daughter's) redmi 1S WCDMA was originally multilanguage, which we need (using Hebrew).
She told me that a recent update lost her the multilanguage option, leaving her with English (and Chinese, I assume).

Yesterday I installed the PC software and updated to version JHCMIBL53.0 (global).
Big mistake, it seems.

Can someone instruct me in simple terms (preferably with links) as to which version I should install, and more importantly, HOW? I've found some instructions telling me to use the Updater app, but the updater version I now have doesn't have a menu with options, only the option to check for an update (and tells me happily that I have the latest and greatest :( ).

Please remember I'm totally new at this, I'll really need clear and step by step instructions as to which software, in what order, etc.

Also, I'm confused by the difference between MIUI version and multilanguage - is that something that is installed in addition to the MIUI? Where do I find what I need?

Thank you to whomever can help!

Model number HM 1SW
Android version 4.3 JLS36C
Jun 19, 2014

If you still need help with that i'll try to guide you.

Download this ROM if you already haven't - it contains Hebrew thanks to Kkffiirr and eliran0216. Copy it to phone memory (connect redmi to pc and copy zip file to internal memory). After coping is done make sure that phone is charged at least to around 70% (just to be safe). Launch Update app and under battery indicator in right top corner you will see 3 little dots in line, touch that - it will open a menu , from that menu select install ROM and choose the zip file you copied to the phone. ROM install should start, wait for it to finish (it will reboot and after it's finished you'll see unlock screen).

Anything unclear ?